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Frequently Asked Questions on Philosophy

                                  • What is a Creationist? - Learn more about what those who hold to creation actually believe about the origin of the world. What separates them from an Evolutionist?
                                  • What is an Evolutionist? - Learn what distinguishes an evolutionist from a creationist. Learn the difference between natural and theistic. Study the facts.
                                  • Who was Sir Arthur Keith? - Who was one protégé of Charles Darwin? How did he develop his interest in monkeys and apes? Get additional information.
                                  • What is dialectical materialism? - Learn about this precursor of Communism. Study facts of this philosophy and also of its founder Georgi Valentinovich Plekhanov.
                                  • What is Marxism? - Learn the basics of Marxism. What is the basis of work, economics, religion, and more? Find definitions and more.
                                                      • Does God care? - Where is God when it hurts? Does He even exist? How can I know He is here? Has He left me alone?
                                                      • Who Is God? - Answering such a simple question is really not so simple when applied to God! Who is He anyway?
                                                                        • What is ultimate reality? - Join one writer as he digs through the ultimate distinctions between two different answers to the question, “What is real?”
                                                                          • What is a miracle? - What about unexplainable circumstances? What are we to make of a situation that cannot be defined by natural law?
                                                                          • What is a religious experience? - Do you know whether you have experienced God or not? Have you ever had an experience you just cannot express?
                                                                          • Why Believe In God? - Is there a greater being we should accept as real or true? Why or why not? Find out more here.

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