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Philosophy -
What is your philosophy of life? Do you have one? Are you stunned as to why you exist? Find the answers!

Abd-ar-Rahman III
After a life as a powerful prince, what did this man reflect on his life? What was his philosophical conclusion about life and purpose?

Absolute Truth
Is morality relative to our culture and time in history? Or is truth based on a universal standard for all of us? Find out.

Absolute Truth 2
Is morality relative to our culture and time in history? Or is truth based on a universal standard for all of us? Find out.

Absolute Truth Video
Stream this short video. When it comes to truth, is everything relative to the individual? Are there any universal truths in the world?

The term is used everywhere today. What's it really mean?

Agnostic 2
A belief system that believes nothing is knowable. Check out the latest here.

Agnostic Video
Our guest Sean McDowell from Worldview Ministries answers the question, Is God a Human Invention?

Antony Flew
After chewing on the evidence, read about how Flew renounced his atheism due to the argument for intelligent design.

Learn the history of this great thinker and discover some of his great quotes on life. What was his influence on the world of philosophy?

What are the various definitions and belief sytems underlying this term?

Atheism Video
Randall Niles responds to the critics, cynics, and skeptics who want the scientific world to exist exclusive of philosophical or theological inquiry.

Belief in God
Does not believing in God make you more intelligent? Find out what the studies say?

Bertrand Russell
Did he find the companionship, love, home, and the search for the purpose and fulfillment in life?

Blaise Pascal Accomplishments
Learn from this brilliant thinker. How did he view life, God, and existence? What was his conclusion on the truly important points?

Blind Men and the Elephant
Were the men interpreting the elephant correctly from their limited perspectives? What can we learn from this fable?

Blind Men and the Elephant Video
What can we learn from this famous Indian fable? Hear Randall Niles' commentary on the interpretation of this famous story.

C.S. Lewis Quotes
Read quotes from Lewis on life, atheism, and God. Learn from his wisdom in these areas.

C.S. Lewis Quotes Video
Why do we quote C.S. Lewis so often? John Stonestreet tackles this question and Lewis' commentaries about life.

Marx, Engels and The Communist Manifesto. The economic and political philosophy. The atheistic and amoral reality. A costly experiment for society.

Cosmological Argument
Research the philosophical argument brought forward by Kalam/Muslim philosophers in the middle ages. Discover the three premises.

Cosmological Argument Video
Randall Niles looks at the notion of a cosmic landscape of infinite universes proposed by many scientists today.

Creation Vs. Evolution
The definitions. The debate. The evidence. The challenge. A review of cosmic, chemical, stellar, planetary, organic, micro and macro evolution.

Creation vs. Evolution Video
Stream this short video on this huge issue of origins. Are you a creationist or an evolutionist and what does that say about your beliefs?

Cultural Materialism
The terms and definitions underlying this belief system.

Cultural Materialism Video
The ultimate goal is to destroy American free-enterprise capitalism by undermining its economic engine, the Middle Class, and the basic building block of society: the Family Unit.

Cultural Relativism
The philosophical predisposition that declares ethics and morality as situational.

Cultural Relativism Video
Stream this short video clip on relativism. How do we know what’s morally good and morally bad? What standards help us through ethical dilemmas?

A belief in a god of nature -- a noninterventionist creator -- who permits the universe to run itself according to natural laws

Deism Video
Norman Geisler describes deism. What is it? What does it mean? Who believes in this worldview?

Deontological Ethics
Are the means important? Do the ends justify the means? Find out about deontological ethics and what it teaches.

Does God Exist Video
Is God real? What do you think? Check out these great man-on-the-street interviews in this short video clip and hear what the world says.

Does God Exist?
What are the philosophical viewpoints of this ultimate question? Discover the facts and decide for yourself.

Consider this philosophical belief and decipher in comparison to other beliefs and philosophies. Learn the facts here.

Ethical Relativism Video
Are there any surviving standards of ethics and morality? Are there any universal truths? Stream this short video now!

The series of cosmic accidents that must have occurred to satisfy general evolutionary theory.

Evolutionism Video
Watch this awesome video clip of the Bombardier Beetle. Is there a logical explanation for how evolution could explain the creation of this defense mechanism? What do experts think about this?

Learn what this philosophy is and what it isn’t. Consider the impact it has had on society.

Existentialism Video
Randall Niles uses the famous line from Descartes (I think therefore I am) to establish the reality of human existence.

Discover how Gilgamesh was forced to face the fragile state of humanity. What are the simple truths that he discovered?

Does He exist? Is He necessary or merely convenient? He is revealed in the concept and design inherent in all things!

God 2
What does our world tell us about the existence of the God?

God Video
Randall Niles summarizes the Monkey Theorem and the impossibility of producing genetic information through random trials.

God's Love
Discover the most precious loving act ever done. God sent His Son to die for you! Learn more about this gift.

God's Love Video
Does God like me? Check Yes or No. God has already declared His love for us and that will never change.

Great Philosophers
What did philosophers of the past and present think about God, truth, and moral issues? Find out here.

Greek Philosopher Plato
What was his view on government, human intelligence, personality, and higher learning? Discover Plato’s’ influence on society.

What's the historic foundation of this increasingly popular way of viewing the world?

Humanism Video
What is Humanist Psychology according to the Secular Humanism Worldview? Find out here.

Insanity Defense Video
Does ethical tolerance lead to moral chaos? How do sanity and the insanity defense relate to universal standards of morality? Watch this short video.

Inside Information Video
Randall Niles looks at the internal world of conscience and self that can't be explained through scientific tools alone.

Is God Real Video
Check out what the people on the street are saying about God's existence and interaction with us. You have to see this short video clip!

Is God Real?
Your answer to this question determines everything about how you view the world.

Is There A God?
How did we get here? A look at 21st century science in light of the theistic and atheistic views of origins.

Is There a God Video
Stream this short video on what people think about God! Why am I here on earth? Where did I come from? What am I worth? How do you connect with God?

Life of Confucius
Study various quotes spoken by this notable philosopher. They are truly remarkable thoughts on the meaning of life.

Life of King David
This man was more than a great king, but a mind of philosophy. What was his response to the trial and suffering of life?

Life of St. Augustine
Discover the history, struggles, and successes of this great man of faith. Read several of his quotes.

What does this belief system say about the nature of mankind?

Materialism Video
What are the terms and definitions underlying this popular world-view? Watch this video.

Mind vs Brain Video
What do monism and dualism mean to the immaterial world of consciousness, self, and subconscious thought? Stream this short video clip

Moral Argument
Do humans, being shaped in the image of God, have an intuitive sense of right and wrong? Learn about this argument.

Moral Argument Video
Special Guest Dr. William Lane Craig returns and defines the Moral Argument for the existence of God.

Moral Relativism
Are there really absolute standards of right and wrong? What's the big deal anyway?

Moral Relativism Interview
You have to watch this short video clip! Are standards of right and wrong merely vain imaginations of time and culture? Is morality neutral? Check it out now!

Moral Relativism Video
You have to see this short video! Who said, There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so? Is moral relativism true?

Moral Truth
What is the difference between moral relativism and moral absolutism? What is truth? Find out the differences here.

Is there a natural law of morals and ethics that should apply to everyone?

Morality Video
Are there universal standards of right and wrong, good and evil? How do you make your ethical decisions? Watch this short video clip on morality now!

Natural Law
Natural Law is discovered by humans through the use of reason and choosing between good and evil.

Natural Law Video
It is a moral theory of jurisprudence, which maintains that law should be based on morality and ethics. Why?

Matter acting on matter for a sufficient period of time can create anything. Can it?

What did this mighty king go through that changed his viewpoint on life? What was his conclusion?

Nebuchadnezzar Video
What can we learn from this Babylonian King? What did he learn from his time of humility? Did he ultimately praise God?

Nietzsche and the Madman
What was Nietzsche’s response to the question – Is God dead? Find out his conclusion in his essay.

Discover more about this philosophical view of life and the influence it has had on society and culture.

Ontological Argument
Learn about this concept first clearly articulated by St. Anselm of Canterbury, who defined God as the greatest conceivable being.

Ontological Argument Video
Listen as special guest Dr. William Lane Craig explains the Ontological Argument. What is it and why is it important?

What is the definition of philosophy? What are the major philosophies and what are the beliefs of each?

Philosophy Quotes
Study these famous quotes from notable philosophers and great thinkers. What do they say about a quest for God?

Philosophy Video
What is philosophy? Dr. Geisler shares with Bobby what philosophy is and why it is important for the Christian.

How is this term defined or described? What influences this philosophy and mindset for living? What are the ideals?

Postmodernism Video
What is postmodernism and what are the basic beliefs? Listen as Randall Niles explains this belief system.

Relative Truth Video
Is there universal truth? Can we use examples from science to investigate the existence of absolute truth? Find out now by watching this short clip.

Secular Humanism
What is the background of this philosophical belief system? How does it impact society today? Study the facts.

Secular Humanism 2
How this philosophical world-view has permeated our schools and media.

Situational Ethics
Joseph Fletcher and his model of ethics. All decisions should be based on love. The model contradicts God's Law.

Teleological Argument
What is the basis of this argument for the existence of God? What are the proofs? View a list here.

The Elephant Principle Video
How did the great philosophers reconcile their ideas of God? What’s the story of the Blind Men and the Elephant? Click to stream this short video now!

Thomas Aquinas
What was his belief in God based upon? What did he consider evidence for the existence of God?

What is Truth Video
Are there unchanging truths in a changing world? Are there absolute truths or is it all relative? Watch this short video!

Who Am I
Am I anyone? Am I god? Am I worthless? Find out how this question is answered based on your worldview.

Who Created God Video
Is there a Divine Exception to the Law of Causation? What is the Cosmological Argument? You have to see this incredible but short video clip!

Why Am I Here Video
Stream this short video. Why am I here on earth? Where did I come from? What am I worth? Do I have any intrinsic value? Ask yourself - Why are we here?

Why Am I Here?
Discover why you exist. Do you have a purpose? Or is your life meaningless and without purpose. Find out more.

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