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(Read Agnostic, Part 1 First)

Agnostic - Continue Examining the Evidence for Design
Since design necessitates a designer, let's continue our exploration of design in the microscopic world by considering the DNA molecule. The DNA molecule itself - the "hardware" - is so complex that today's biochemists using today's biochemical know-how cannot synthesize it. Then, how about the "software" component? The genetic code imbedded in the DNA molecule is an incredible, micro, digital, error-correcting, redundant, over-lapping, information storage and retrieval system, with its own inherent language convention! Information science has shown that both language conventions and such incredible information storage and retrieval systems are the product of intelligent design (Mark Eastman, M.D., Chuck Missler, "The Creator Beyond Time and Space," 1996, pp. 83-102).

To believe the DNA molecule could be the product of random chance is to swim against the tide of empirical science (knowledge derived by observation and experimentation). Consider this: without the "assembly instructions" (the genetic code) inherent in the DNA molecule, there can be no protein production. No DNA, no proteins - it is that simple. Yet DNA is made up of proteins! So what came first, proteins or DNA? It is a chicken and egg riddle without a naturalistic explanation.

Agnostic - Unaware of the Evidence
The agnostic may not be aware of the evidence for God's existence. However, in light of scientific endeavor in the microscopic world alone, it's hard to claim that such evidence doesn't exist. Man has stumbled upon fantastic evidence for the existence of an Intelligent Designer/creator God! And we've only looked at a few…

Consider for a moment the human brain. The human brain calculates in "petaflops" (one quadrillion floating point operations per second), contains more electrical connections than all of the electrical connections in all of the electrical appliances ever made on planet earth, weighs roughly 3.5 pounds, operates at 98.6 degrees F, and runs on potatoes!

Consider for another moment the human eye. It's dramatically more complex than today's digital cameras. The eye's retina contains approximately 137,000,000 light-sensitive cells and its focusing muscles "flex" an estimated 100,000 times every day.

How about the mosquito? Did you know mosquitoes beat their wings 500 times every second? How about squid? Did you know they have an inbuilt jet propulsion system that's the envy of the world's military establishment? Have you ever studied a snail shell? How do you explain the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly? Did you know that bats process overlapping echoes arriving just 2 millionths of a second apart and can distinguish between objects that are just 0.3 mm apart? That's three times as sharp as man-made sonar! The question isn't, "Does God Exist?" The question is, "Who is He and what does He expect from us?"

The existence of God has enormous implications for each of us and prudence would have us make a full investigation of all the available data before putting our eternity in the care of any one belief-system. We must ask ourselves, "How do I know this to be true, what is the source of my information, is my source absolutely reliable, and what if I'm wrong?"

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