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Who Is God



Who is God? When you ask a question like that, what do you really want to know?

If I asked you “Who are you?” what would you say? What constitutes ‘who you are’?

When I ask someone else, they always end up describing the character attributes of someone or what they have accomplished. “He’s tall, dark, handsome, kind, gentle, strong, and so on.” But who are we really and if we don’t know that answer, how would we know the answer to “Who is God”?

For people who don’t believe in a Divine Presence, God is just a three-letter word, a word that is spoken as derogatory slang, in fits of rage or casual conversation. There is no meaning other than to fill up a sentence. In their search for meaning in their lives, they look to what they can visualize, touch, and feel. The word ‘god’ is given to the satisfaction of their desires.

But for a Christian, God is the ever-living Presence who desires so much to be a part of our freedom in Him that He became Life to us.

God is Life. He gives us promises in the Bible that were true centuries ago, are true today, and will be true tomorrow. He has promised us ‘life and life abundantly.’ So if His Word is true, He is Truth.

God is Grace and Mercy, for He has forgiven us for our past mistakes and sins. He is longsuffering, wanting no one to perish.

God is not a man, but we were made in His image, as in, we resemble His likeness. But man has the tendency to sin whereas God is without sin, pure, and blameless. He cannot look upon sin, so He is also Judge.

God is the Creator of all of the universe and beyond. His divine plan has placed us in the exact place to support our life and that of our world.

God is all seeing, all knowing, all wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. He is above all.

I would highly recommend reading the Bible and asking God to send His Holy Spirit to open the eyes of your heart and you will learn who God is. The deep within you calls to the deep things of God. It will surface into your reality and you will never be the same again.

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