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QUESTION: What is a Creationist?


In order to understand what makes someone a Creationist, it is important to understand that there are essentially two competing schools of thought as to the origin of the earth and the human beings who populate it. The first is creation and the second is evolution. Creation is based upon a doctrine from the Bible "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth" (Genesis 1:1). Evolution was popularized by the writing of a book by Charles Darwin called "Origin of the Species," however, Darwin was not the first propagandist for this ideology. Those who adhere to the theory of evolution are called "evolutionists." Evolution must be believed by faith for there is no written account, no eyewitnesses, and no viable proof that this theory is correct. It is based upon suppositions and the humanistic evaluation of man as to how things "may" have come about.

Those that believe in the biblical account of creation are called Creationists. Therefore, the term "creationist" refers to one who ascribes to the biblical truth that God created heaven and earth. It is said that a creationist is one that uses blind faith in order to believe that God created all that we call earth. However, the truth is that the Bible gives an account that was recorded through handed-down facts and those facts were then complied into what we now know as the book of Genesis. This creation "record" has been preserved down through the ages.

The Creationist believes in order, design, and therefore an ultimate designer. This view has been constantly born out by the new discoveries of the last century of which the genome is just one. This intricate blueprint, that is unique to each human individual and indeed is the make up of all living organisms, could not be formed by chance or accident. Therefore, a creationist is one who trusts in the veracity of God as creator rather than primeval soup as the origin of life on earth.

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