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Why Believe In God

QUESTION: Why Believe In God?


If someone were to ask you the question, “Why believe in God?” what would you say? Would you be able to answer his or her question or would you just answer by saying, “Because He is here”? Consider the following points.

Why believe in God? We can feel Him calling us.
Every culture throughout history has been convinced that there is a higher power that watches over them. This desire to reach for that higher power is man’s search to get reconnected to God. All of these people have the idea of God in their consciousness because deep in their hearts they know that He is there (Romans 1-2). Who put the desire in their hearts as well as our hearts that we should seek after Him? God did.

Why believe in God? The complexity of all life and of our planet
When we look to all of science, we can see that there is order and that there is a definite pattern to the layout and structure of not only the human body, but also the universe in which we live.

The distinguished astronomer Sir Frederick Hoyle showed how amino acids randomly coming together in a human cell are mathematically absurd. Sir Hoyle illustrated the weakness of "chance" with the following analogy: "What are the chances that a tornado might blow through a junkyard containing all the parts of a 747, accidentally assemble them into a plane, and leave it ready for take-off? The possibilities are so small as to be negligible even if a tornado were to blow through enough junkyards to fill the whole universe!"

Who created this universe in such a set a pattern that no man, when he looks carefully enough, can deny that the hand of God was used in its creation?

Why believe in God? Sense of right and wrong
Even from our earliest years we all have an innate sense of right and wrong. This “conscience,” as the world refers to it, keeps us in a moral as well as ethical balance and without it the world would break down into total chaos. Who put that sense of right and wrong in us? God did.

Why believe in God? The Bible
The endurance and longevity of the Bible should help us to see that there is a Creator. The Bible has existed for years, even though there have been numerous attempts to destroy or discredit it.

The Bible has existed for centuries and is still the best-selling and most read book in the world. Who made sure that the Bible would be around from generation to generation in order to ensure that His Word could still be read? God did.

Why believe in God? Jesus Christ
No other religious leader, not Buddha, Mohammed, or Confucius has ever claimed to be the Son of God. That is what Jesus did; He claimed to be God in the flesh. He not only claimed to be God, He backed up His claims through His life, death, and resurrection.

The presence of Jesus can still be felt today -- not only in all the lives that have been changed by Him, but also by the very idea that the structure and keeping of time has evolved around His birth. Who made sure that we would never forget His Son? God did.

Why believe in God? These are only five of the many reasons that point to the existence of God. Look at them carefully and you to will see that God has left evidence for us to see and to know that He is here!

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