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Frequently Asked Questions 2 on Philosophy

                              • What is Ethical Nihilism? - Discover the basics of this philosophy and how it denies moral principles and ethical values.
                              • What is Existential Nihilism? - Learn the basics of this philosophical belief. What part does the concept of free will play in this philosophy?
                              • What is real in Nihilism? - Understand the philosophy of nihilism and the concept of reality. How does manipulation fit into the philosophy?
                                            • Are secular humanists atheists? - Learn more about this philosophical mindset and study the basis of it. Is a person who believes this philosophy an atheist?
                                            • What is a Humanist? - How can I achieve a feeling of total freedom? Do I have complete control over my destiny? Learn this and more.
                                            • What is a Secular Humanist? - This article gives a clear and concise overview of two very different points of view. Want to find out more?
                                            • How do I develop a personal code of ethics? - Do you ever wonder who you are, what you believe, how you relate to others and why? Learn practical steps.
                                            • What are ethics? - How does the world around us affect our way of thinking? What can we do to develop integrity and values?
                                            • What are work ethics? - Has there been a fundamental change in people’s attitudes and ethics in the workplace? Where do ethics stem from?
                                            • What is ethical relativism? - Learn more about this philosophy that holds the position that there are no moral absolutes, no moral right or wrong.
                                                        • What Am I Worth? - Are you hurting right now? Do you wonder if there is anyone who cares about you? Find out how valuable you really are!
                                                        • What is the purpose of life? - Is your life a blur with one day running into another? Do you wonder “what is the point?” Find some direction.
                                                        • What will happen when I die? Where will I go? - Is our life on earth all there is? Is it possible to know if there is life after death? How can I be sure?
                                                        • Where did I come from? - This question can be answered in two ways. Were you a product of evolution or did a higher power create you?

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