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Purpose Of Life

QUESTION: What is the purpose of life?


What is the purpose of life? Consider a car. It's designed to transport humans. That is what it was created to do. Now imagine, the car never gets driven, but just sits in the garage. At first the car doesn't care either.

Now, imagine that same car with a soul and a conscience. Weeks go by and the four-wheeled object remains in the garage. He feels anxious because something is missing. He's not exactly sure why, and he doesn't know what it is he needs, but he is spinning with desire to do something.

One day you take the keys, start the engine, and back the car out of the garage. You use the car to drive to work, to the store, and to church.

Your car is so excited, even somewhat exhilarated. Being driven, being steered down the highway, delivering you to your destination -- the car loves it.

By the end of the week, the car still feels like something is missing. Driving down the road was fun, and seeing the highway was great; but he just knows something is still missing.

He is used by you every day, has his gas tank refilled, and the tires love the roar, the sound of the engine; yet something is missing.

Your car longs for more, and thinks he just needs to add a few more miles to his odometer, then he will be satisfied.

Then, one day you use him to pick up friends. Gasoline prices have sky rocketed, so your buddies decide to save gas. The front seat and now the back are full of passengers and your car finally understands what he was designed for. He now knows his purpose in life. What joy comes when you know why you were created!

And so that brings us to you and your purpose of life. You are created in the image of our Lord and to have a relationship with Him. If you are sitting in the garage empty or driving through life without Him, you are not fulfilling your purpose. Having a relationship with Jesus is the only thing that will satisfy your soul.

Before you knew God, you had many great experiences and journies; but your heart remained restless until you found rest in that relationship with your Savior. Your true purpose of life is this relationship with Jesus.

Just as a car thirsts for gasoline to run, the only thing that will quench your soul and give you fulfillment is Jesus Christ. He is the living water you need.

You might be like the car, with the wanting and longing to get out of the garage stirring within. So search for the Lord! Drive toward the only relationship which can satisfy and you will find your purpose of life.

Remember, you are designed to have a relationship with Christ. So, drive straight into His arms. They are waiting to embrace you.

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