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Limited Moral Relativism

QUESTION: What is limited moral relativism?


Limited moral relativism holds a belief that all moral relativism is not absolute truth and self-contradictory in its self-denials but accurate in the assertion that circumstances are conditioned and skewed by countless variables.

In other words, a limited moral relativist believes that nothing is set in stone because cultural influences and creative knowledge changes one’s situation.

Also, a limited moral relativist still believes that humans are not accountable to a divine creator. This divine creator disrupts their belief because through divine inspiration changes are wrought in human character and actions.

Humans cannot invent changeless truths. For instance, we cannot change the direction of the revolution of the earth. We cannot ‘think’ a different way and make the earth spin the opposite direction.

We cannot change the natural way babies are created. Conception happens exactly the same way every time for every living creature.

It’s impossible for human beings to create an idea that has not been created before. We only change an existing idea for a different and hopefully, better, purpose.

We were created so uniquely that it’s impossible for another human to think exactly like the next. Cultural differences and upbringing do play a part in the development of a person but that doesn’t make him the authority on an idea or action.

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