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Elements of Postmodernism

QUESTION: What are the elements of Postmodernism and Humanism?


The elements of postmodernism and humanism are varied. Here are some of the more popular topics of interest:
  • Postmodernists often profess individualism over God and country, desiring the liberty to establish personal truth and allowing each person’s choice to be tolerated.

  • Many postmodernists promote the ideals of globalization, excluding any traditional moral or civil laws, free enterprise, or governed by a traditional political system.

  • Many feel that no single person or group should have dominance, special interest, or wealth over another.

  • The ideals of postmodernism confront and surpass the modern way of thought and lifestyle which relies on science and technology for progress. Postmodernists tend to blame modern capitalism for causing the evil in the modern West.

  • Many postmodernists ultimately reject Christianity.
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