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Ethics And Morality

QUESTION: How important are ethics and morality in our world?


Ethics and morality are vitally important in our world. The differences, according to cultures and countries, are evident in wars, disputes, laws, and newspapers.

Controversies over stem cell research have recently made headlines. Some countries embrace the use of embryo stem cells to help with incurable diseases. Others have cried out over the sanctity of life in the womb being invaded. Other countries have sought to use adult stem cells to scientifically find cures for certain diseases.

Laws, also differing in regards to same-sex marriage, have been enacted. In Europe and Canada, governments are endorsing these unions, while in the United States, the people have voted against the uniting of people of the same sex as a legal institution. AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease, prevalent amongst gays and lesbians. This is a consequence as a result of the breach of natural law. A same-sex marriage does not allow for a natural procreation of generations to take place.

Ethnic cleansing is a method used by governments and factions to remove certain cultures from within their country. No matter what term people use to describe killing other people, it is still called murder, which is a lack of ethics or morality. This abhorrent killing has led to wars in Iraq, Bosnia, and other places when those who disagree with this action resort to military force to correct or stem the tide of ethnic cleansing.

Abortion has moral and ethical implications for each pregnant mother, doctor, and nation. It’s the devaluing of life that makes it easy for abortionists to perform their work. Life is most precious. How many aborted fetuses may have been brilliant scholars, doctors, inventors, and scientists who may have had the answers for which we are searching.

Morality and ethics certainly have different meanings for different cultures, but basically the same standard of life should be used. The test of time will prove if the decisions made today are the right ones. There is a consequence to each one, whether good or bad.

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