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Ethical Nihilism

QUESTION: What is Ethical Nihilism?


Ethical Nihilism denies moral principles and ethical values. Human beings are not seen as responsible for what they do, therefore, each individual makes up the difference between good and evil. Since the nihilist denies possessing free will, the ethical nihilist can neither be praised nor blamed for his good or evil behavior. In short, reasoning cannot be trusted to determine the truth of right or wrong.

Ethical Nihilism chooses to ignore that moral principles, are inescapable. Yet even the most basic ideas about good and evil are present in every society.

C.S. Lewis remarked, “cultures may disagree about whether a man may have one wife or four, but all of them know about marriage; they may disagree about which actions are most courageous, but none of them rank cowardice as a virtue.”

Ethical Nihilism prefers to deny intrinsic principles and values which are imprinted upon every heart and mind (Romans 2:14-15).

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