Mind Body Dualism

QUESTION: What is mind body dualism?


Mind body dualism is the concept that the mind and body are separate entities and therefore are not one and the same. This is the only concept of dualism regardless of whether it is called mind body dualism, Cartesian dualism or substance dualism. The alternative concept is called physicalism. It holds that the mind and body are the same and are strictly material rather than supernatural. A belief in physicalism requires that we deny the existence of things like sensations, thoughts, emotions, desires, beliefs, and free choice since materials themselves do not have these type of properties.

Mind body dualism is consistent with biblical beliefs. The ancient Scriptures taught that man was created with a body and soul, whereas the philosophy of dualism teaches the difference between brain (matter) and mind (soul).

Alternatively, physicalism is consistent with materialism and evolutionism that are the foundations for secular humanism.

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